Scheduling a Covid shot

After becoming eligible and deciding to get the shot(s), the next step is scheduling. This was fairly straightforward, after I was able to find links that related to it. A bit of searching yielded these:

MyVaccine (

I was able to get on a list via the 2nd link and eventually got an email back in a few days. However, by that time I’d made appointments via the first link.

The pattern appeared to me to be as follows: some pharmacies release new batches of upcoming appointments overnight (maybe at midnight?) such that if you log in early in the morning, you then had a good chance of finding one. However, if you waited until, say, mid-morning, they likely would all have been taken for that day’s release. I observed this happen for a couple of days, then on the 3rd day I logged in quite early and was able to get a convenient appointment 2 days out. This happened to be at Walgreen’s. It was extra nice as the site then offers you an appointment for the 2nd dose about 4 weeks out. They then send separate confirmation emails for each one. The site I chose was within 3 miles of my house; I had been apprehensive that I’d need to drive a long way for it (which had been the case with a few people I know).

The only other prep you need to do is to fill out a bit over 1 page of info / questions and bring that printed form with you to your appointment.

They recommend showing up 15 minutes in advance. My appointment was for 4:30 p.m. on a Friday. I arrived around 4:10 p.m. and presented my form, ID, and insurance-drug card at the window (one was set aside for shots). Within 5 minutes, a staff member came out and took me to a small room where they administer the shot (she had done around 60 that day, apparently). I was out and en route home by 4:20 p.m. YMMV, but that was my experience.



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