More Podcast Musings

I reviewed a couple of podcasts a week or so ago, but I would be remiss for not mentioning these also:

Darknet Diaries — The director of CyberSecurity at my company steered me onto this one. My interest level varies somewhat, but the episodes are almost always above average versus other podcasts. I often learn something (what the job of ‘penetration tester’ involves; how SQL injection works; etc.). Usually enjoyable.

One More Thing — This is the ‘after-show’ segment for the Armstrong & Getty radio show, which broadcasts from the Sacramento area (but covers multiple markets). I like this podcast as it is not tied to the news cycle; it is often a follow-up to some odd story they covered that day on the radio, but with a bit deeper focus than they could give it on-air. These usually range from 10–15 minutes, but are almost always entertaining.


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