Local Authority

Minimal Standards
2 min readMay 5, 2022

Based on the emerging statistics of both the abject failures of lockdowns and the apparent ineffectiveness of masking, I am in favor henceforward of no level of government above a county commission being able to institute any sort of mandates. I will consider revising this opinion if / when I have to swerve around bodies lying in the street as I exit my subdivision. Until that time, I stand by this position. To be clear, any individual has the right to self-isolate or wear a masks (or a clown suit, or what-have-you). I am not currently advocating any sort of non-masking mandate (thought that has a certain charm, if only to potentially teach a lesson…) The virtue of this proposed local level of authority for mandates is that, if it is abused, people know where the commissioners live and have ready means to voice their concerns. The state- and federal-level have, in my opinion, voided their authority to ever have such power again.



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