LINC multi-use trail in Newnan, GA

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2 min readJan 30, 2021


One thing I’d attempted on the blog which I very intermittently updated circa 2007 or 2008 was to create (what I viewed as) helpful content that I’d failed to find in my own web searches. An example was when I tried to find info on a greenway / trail near Gwinnett Place Mall. I was only able to locate one access point, and later documented what I’d learned from biking the trail (but which I had not found anywhere on the web beforehand).

The LINC multi-use trail is in the same vein. We had checked this out initially a year or so ago, when its first phase was completed. Recently they opened the pedestrian bridge segment that crosses over I-85, so we went back to walk more of the trial one Sunday.

They do have a website ( but it doesn’t seem that information-rich. So here is my added info based on our walk. The trail runs roughly east-west. The current endpoints are somewhere in the Summer Grove ‘commercial village’ (i.e., the front part off Lower Fayetteville Road where they have a gas station, restaurants, and some other small businesses). The other end is near the Dillard’s at the south end of the Ashley Park shopping plaza.

As far as parking access, there appeared to be plenty of choices:

  • There is a lot of parking at the Newnan / Nixon Center off Lower Fayetteville Road. They also have a bike-station there with a pump and cable-attached tools.
  • You can probably park in the aforementioned Summer Grove commercial area.
  • There appeared to be some dirt lots on Newnan Crossing Blvd (within 1/4 to 1/2 mile north of Lower Fayetteville Road) where people parked to access the trail. It goes right by these lots; they were probably used during trail construction.
  • There is a large open area being commercially developed (slowly) on Lower Fayetteville Road (bordered by Newnan Crossing Blvd and I-85). Near the Waffle House, there appears to be a ‘park’ associated with the trail, and it has some street parking nearby.
  • You can park in the lots associated with the Ashley Park plaza.

The trail from Summer Grove to Newnan Crossing Blvd goes through woods, though you can see development most of the time. After you get to Newnan Crossing Blvd, you are walking along that busy road for a while. Once the trail crosses that (note: the crosswalk timer seemed short) you pass a large apartment complex (and the Waffle House) and and shortly approach the pedestrian bridge over the interstate. Once across, you are at the edge of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America complex. The trail then joins and runs along McIntosh Parkway past the Honda dealership, crosses Newnan Crossing Bypass, and then shortly ends at the west side of Ashley Park plaza.

I think the plan is to extend it further west into downtown Newnan at some point.