Georgia Guidestones

Minimal Standards
1 min readJul 7, 2022


Someone apparently set off an explosive at the Georgia Guidestones this morning and blew one of them up. Apparently later the rest were pulled down by ‘the authorities’ due to ‘safety reasons’. That second part may be legitimate, I just haven’t seen any actual details about it.

I didn’t really care about the Guidestones yesterday and I still don’t care today. They were, from what I can tell, on private property and, as such, I don’t agree with someone else trespassing and vandalizing them. That said, I love how a significant percentage of people are reacting:

July 05: That was built by some rich racist a**hole. I saw it on John Oliver’s show. F*** that thing!

July 06: That was destroyed by some redneck / alt-right / fascist / Q-Anon terrorists. << pauses, decides that they hates them even more than they hateses rich racist a**holes >> It is a tragedy that someone would do this!

It has become Schrodinger’s Monument — it demonstrates how virtuous you are to hate both those who you imagine constructed and destroyed it…

On the downside, I’ve unfortunately learned of the existence of Katnip Taylor (or some such), a fringe political candidate who is mentioned tangentially in some postings.