The slow but steady proliferation of political signs over the past couple of months heralds our impending local elections for mayor and city council posts in November. Hence, I am trying to learn about the candidates and what they stand for. During my walks in the area as new candidate signs sprout up, I take a photo via my phone and then later look up their online info. Their websites often seem bland and mostly all hit the same points — against bad traffic, supports schools, etc. So, I am broadening my vote-planning strategies a bit.

A couple of years…

Within the last few weeks, I worked on replacing about 5 boards in our back deck which had started to rot in a few spots. I debated hiring someone to do it, but opted to do it myself. In the end, I’m not sure how much money I actually saved (probably still several hundred dollars), though I did end up with several new tools in the process.

Observations #1: Oscillating saws. I purchased one of these with plans to use it to extract screws that were stripped, etc. However, I came to find out that these are probably much more…

Minimal Standards

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